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Toshiba is a Japanese conglomerate that pioneered the development of electrical equipment in Japan. It manufactures consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, and many more. When the company started, it was called Tokyo Shibaura Denki. In 1894, the company produced the country’s first waterwheel power generator and electric fan. The following year, it created the country’s first induction motor. It was in 1984 that the company changed its name to the more popularly known Toshiba.

Driven by a huge organic growth, the company decided to restructure the business in 1999 by creating an in-house system with autonomous companies operating under the Toshiba name. As a result, its Air Conditioning Equipment Division collaborated with Carrier to form a joint venture company called the Toshiba Carrier Corporation. At present, Toshiba is divided into four main groups, including the Home Appliances Group. The latter is the one responsible for creating Toshiba’s range of premium air conditioning products.

Toshiba Air Conditioning has been setting new standards when it comes to climate control for more than 40 years. As expected of a Japanese company, its air conditioning products are of high-quality and are energy-efficient. Toshiba is also the first manufacturing company to incorporate inverter technology on its air conditioners.

The Benefits of Choosing Toshiba Ducted Air Conditioning

If you are shopping around for a new heating and cooling system, you can never go wrong with choosing a Toshiba ducted air conditioning system. Its inverter technology allows the user to achieve the desired temperature level without the need for the system to fluctuate, resulting to less energy consumption and lower energy bills when compared with the more traditional air conditioning models. This inverter system has been designed in such a way that it will use electricity efficiently and effectively.

The sound that Toshiba’s indoor units make is almost imperceptible. You can be assured of low operating sound level so you can work, rest, and sleep in peace. The Toshiba ducted system also comes with a controller that is very easy to use and allows you to set schedules and run your climate control system on automation.

Toshiba’s popular inverter ducted systems for residential applications include the Toshiba Air Conditioning Hybrid Inverter and the Toshiba Air Conditioning DC Twin-Rotary Compressor. The Hybrid Inverter incorporates two compressor modules in one design to ensure that constant temperature is maintained throughout the day and optimum energy is achieved.

On the other hand, the DC Twin-Rotary Compressor makes use of accurate compressor rotation to minimise the unit’s noise and vibration when in use. The two rollers rotating at the same time in the unit’s compressor ensures great reduction in energy consumption. Both models have the R410A non-ozone depleting refrigerant, which is safer than Freon, more friendly to the environment, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Toshiba Ducted Air Conditioning Prices, Quotes, Installation, Maintenance, and Running Costs

A ducted system is going to be a huge investment on your part so before you spend a lot of money on an air conditioning system, make sure it’s totally worth it. We highly encourage you to ask a quote from multiple contractors to ensure you are getting the best Toshiba ducted air conditioning prices. Make sure to have the following information ready before you start shopping around: the floor plan of the home, the type of construction material used to build it, the number of people living in it, their special needs, the level of insulation, the size and orientation of your windows and doors, and many more. This way, you get a quote that addresses your family’s needs and meets your budget. After the purchase and installation, consider having your system maintained throughout the year. Doing so will ensure that your air conditioner will perform at its peak efficiency. A service maintenance will also prevent any malfunctions from occurring, and will spot problems early on.

Toshiba provides great value for money when it comes to its ducted air conditioner range. Since it is considered to be one of the most energy efficient units in the market today, purchasing one for your home will lead to lower running costs. Each system is made up of high quality components so you can be assured of reliability and high functionality. For your peace of mind, Toshiba has also included a five-year parts and labour warranty if you purchase a system for domestic applications.

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Toshiba’s ducted air conditioner is a fantastic solution if you want to provide comfort to multiple rooms or an entire home. Toshiba has created the most efficient and most sophisticated ducted air conditioning systems for the home. You can be assured of having a uniform and comfortable temperature with low noise levels for many years to come.

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