Q. How long will it take to receive my quotes?

A. After you have requested your 3 quotes, we will forward your respective details to 3 local heating & cooling companies who operate in your local area. From our experience the companies usually contact you within 24-48 hours from your request.

Q. What companies will receive my quote requests?

A. Due to our list of companies always changing and evolving based on feedback we receive from our customers, we don’t issue an up to date list of businesses; However the heating & cooling specialists we supply your 3 quotes request with are all individually audited and reviewed to ensure they meet all Australian Business Standards and are closely observed to confirm they respond to all quote requests they receive.

Q. I’m not happy with the quotes I received, can I request new ones?

A. At any moment we could have 3 or more companies ready to supply you with a quote, however, sometimes we won’t be able to provide you with more than 3 quotes. If you require new quotes please email us at [email protected] and we can organise 3 new companies to contact you.

Q. What involvement does Ducted Refrig Quotes have with my installation if I decide to go ahead with one of the 3 companies?

A. As soon as you fill in your details and request the 3 quotes, the only involvement Ducted Refrig Quotes have in the process is passing your respective contact details onto the 3 companies, each company then independently acts on their own behalf to provide quotes, installation, finance, etc if you choose to go with them.