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Daikin was founded by Akira Yamada in Osaka, Japan when he began manufacturing aircraft radiator tubes in 1924. In 1951, the company developed the first heat pump in the country, dubbed as the “Mifujirator.” It was in 1969 when Daikin started exporting its single split-type air conditioning products to Australia and established a local office called Clark Daikin Pty Ltd, which later on became Daikin Australia.

It was in 1997 that the Daikin inverter wall mounded split system air conditioners were officially launched in Australia. Five years later, the company introduced the inverter ducted range among its product lines. As of the present time, Daikin has become one of the trusted names when it comes to air conditioning. It has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sydney and more than 550 employees.

More recently, the company was recognised by the local government for its efforts in providing energy-efficient comfort solutions to Australian homeowners by giving it a 5-star NABERS rating. Another feather to its cap is the company’s range of split system air conditioners, which has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program. It is the only brand to be recognised for its air quality improvement, and is the perfect system to be used by allergy and asthma sufferers. The company’s US7 Split System air conditioner is also considered as the most energy-efficient split system air conditioner in Australia and has been awarded with a 7-star Super Efficiency rating.

Components of a Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning System: How It Works

If you live in a place where temperatures are extreme, then you are highly encouraged to get a reverse cycle air conditioning system that has the ability to provide both cooling and heating. With climate change on the horizon and new climate records being set every year, it makes perfect sense to invest in a system you know you can depend on year after year.

The Daikin ducted air conditioning system is composed of two components: the outdoor compressor unit is placed outside the building, while the indoor unit is hidden in the ceiling or under the floor. The air is circulated throughout the home through a series of duct pipes in the ceiling and is distributed in the rooms through a return air grille. The last piece of the puzzle is a wall controller, which allows you to set the temperature for up to 8 zones. The controller also has a Quick Cool / Heat mode, which increases air conditioning power in order to reach your desired temperature much faster.

There are several product lines in Daikin’s ducted air conditioning systems. The Premium Inverter Ducted series has superior energy efficiency, making it the ideal system to use for residential and commercial purposes. On the other hand, the Standard Inverter Ducted series has a compact design that can be installed in tight and limited roofing space. The FBQ Slimline Ducted series is the perfect system to use in an apartment or commercial setting, while the FDXS Bulkhead system is the ideal solution if a discreet installation is needed.

The Advantages of Using a Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning System

Daikin has incorporated the inverter technology in its range of air conditioners, which is the most energy-efficient way to heat and cool a home. This technology allows the user to achieve the desired temperature much faster than conventional air conditioners, and maintain the temperature without any fluctuations. This means uninterrupted comfort, lower electric bills, and plenty of savings on your part.

As dictated by law, all ducted air conditioners that has a capacity of up to 65kW must comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). You will be pleased to note that Daikin has been consistently exceeding the MEPS energy efficiency requirements.

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning Cost and Installation

Buying a new air conditioner is a huge investment on your part, so make sure to have all the information needed before asking for a quote. You don’t need to know all the technical jargon before making a purchase, but you do need to arm yourself with information in order to buy the right air conditioner system for your needs. Some points to consider are the size and layout of your home, the construction material used to build the home, the type of insulation you have, the number of people using the system, the placement and orientation of doors and windows, and many more. Having this information readily available will make things easier for you and the installer.

Before you decide on which brand, range, and unit to purchase, you need to consider the running costs as well. Since all Daikin air conditioners are energy-efficient, you can be assured of low running costs when it comes to their operation. The Daikin ducted air conditioning system may have a higher upfront cost initially, but will pay for itself over time.

So what happens next the installation? You will definitely enjoy resting, working, and sleeping with your brand new Daikin ducted air conditioner. But don’t forget to have it checked and serviced by a heating and cooling professional. Doing so will extend its longevity and improve its working efficiency.

Daikin also offers a five-year parts and labour warranty on ducted air conditioners purchased for homes all across Australia. It also offers an after sales support that will provide you with service after your purchase.

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