www.ductedrefrigquotes.com.au is a ducted refrigeration focused website operated by the Aircon Concepts Group, (Climate Mechanical, Climate Concepts & Aircon Concepts Pty Ltd).

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria, handling the greater Melbourne metro, Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula to Mornington Peninsula.

This site was designed to save consumers time and money when shopping for their home heating and cooling needs, and provides the ability to make their own decisions on the best value ducted refrigeration quote, without the obligation.


How ductedrefrigquotes.com.au works:

Please fill out the submission form and ductedrefrigquotes.com.au will simply send the information off to 3 Aircon Concepts group related companies whom will compete with each other to provide you the best possible deal and value for your money.

Each individual company will try contact you (depending on their work load) to determine your needs and see whether or not an on site inspection is needed for a detailed ducted refrigeration quote (Supply and Installation).

Each company pays for leads from ductedrefrigquotes.com.au, and each company will be actively competing for your business.

Ductedrefrigquotes.com.au does not manage any appointment settings, or personally recommend any individual quote and make comparisons. Your details are simply sent to the above-mentioned companies working within our Privacy Policy.

This is not a comparison site. You have the power to choose whichever quote you wish, for your specific needs, and of course, the best value for your money.

Quotes are 100% Free & 100% obligation Free.