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Ducted Air Conditioning: How It Works

A ducted air conditioner is able to provide both heating and cooling for a home with just one system. There are two main components to a ducted air conditioning system. The outdoor unit, which contains the compressor, is connected to a fan coil indoor unit installed within the roof cavity of the home. A network of ducts runs through the indoor unit. These ducts distribute the air through the vents installed discreetly throughout the house. A wall controller allows the user to select the temperature.

Ducted Air Conditioning in Melbourne Prices

With the kind of extreme weather conditions we regularly experience, it is best to invest in a ducted cooling in Melbourne. However, purchasing the best ducted air conditioning system is something that should not be taken lightly. Before asking for a ducted air conditioning quote, you need to arm yourself with a lot of information you need to get the right ducted air conditioner for your needs. You need to know your home’s floor plan, your insulation, the state of your ceiling’s cavity space, the size, position, and orientation of your windows, and many more.

Make sure to ask for a ducted air conditioning cost and quotes from multiple sources, and once you get them, don’t automatically go with the cheapest option. The cheapest ducted heating prices in Melbourne is not necessarily the best one, and as the saying goes, you get what you paid for. Do your homework and choose the best deal for your money.

The Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Process

Once you are satisfied with the ducted air conditioning installation cost and have chosen the air conditioner you want to purchase, a dealer will get in touch with you for the ducted heating installation appointment time. The installers will install your new system quickly and efficiently while making sure that everything has been installed according to the manufacturer’s standards. Once they’re done with the installation, they will clean up and will show you how to operate your new air conditioner.

Why Your Air Conditioner Needs Service Maintenance

A service maintenance program for your heating and cooling system is not an option, but a necessity. Think of it the way you would give your car an oil change; your system will need it in order to prolong its life and perform at its best. A regular maintenance is absolutely important because your heating and cooling system becomes less efficient as it accumulates dust and debris over time. No matter how advanced and up-to-date the system you buy, it will still be subject to wear and tear just like any other piece of mechanical equipment. You can reduce the wear and tear by having regular service maintenance.

The Importance of Warranty and Star Rating

If the unit breaks down through no fault of your own, then it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to correct and fix the problem. Most ducted air conditioners offer a five-year parts and labour guarantee. Don’t forget to download the warranty card from the manufacturer’s website and register your system.

In order not to void the warranty, you also need to hire a professional heating and cooling company to do the installation of the system as well as maintain it throughout the years.

The Star Rating has been in place as early as 1986, but it was not until 1992 that the Australian government required air conditioner manufacturers to label their air conditioners with a Star Rating. As of the moment, the Star Rating system helps consumers understand that not all air conditioners are created equal. This system is widely being used to determine the energy efficiency of an air conditioning system. If you’re purchasing a new ducted air conditioner, make sure to choose a unit that has a high Star Rating so you can be assured of high efficiency.

Tips For Reducing Running Costs

With the rising energy costs, it pays to conserve energy to lower the running costs of your air conditioning system. Here are some tips to help you lessen your energy consumption and lower your utility bills:

Even though your windows are closed, the sunlight streaming in can still raise the temperature of your home. Install awnings, canopies, or shade screens outside of your windows, or close your blinds to prevent the heat from seeping in to the room.

Improve the insulation of your home by looking for gaps and cracks in doors and windows and sealing them up. And if you’re not using the system and it is switched off, open the doors and windows to let the cold air in.

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